A cake ball or cake pop is created by mixing baked cake and frosting together, forming it into a ball, and then dipping it into chocolate. The cake is completely baked, so there aren’t any uncooked or raw ingredients, and it’s completely safe to eat.

A cake ball cake looks like a traditional tiered wedding cake, but is made up of only cake balls! It is a tiered cake made out of Styrofoam cake dummies (not real cake!), which is then covered in fondant. Cake balls are then put onto the sides of the fondant-covered cake with toothpicks and a tiny bit of chocolate. When Christina sets up the cake ball cake, additional cake balls are set around the cake so that guests can take from the table first, and then later in the evening eventually begin taking the cake balls off of the cake.

A cake ball cake is a beautiful display that is a perfect option for couples who love the look of a traditional wedding cake, but want cake balls instead!

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Cake Dummy

No, we only sell cake balls and cake pops, as well as cake ball cakes. Since 2011, our focus has been on creating the best cake balls for our customers. And by not featuring other menu items, it allows us to do so many custom orders for you!

Cake balls are best stored in a cool, dry place. They can be stored at room temperature for about one week, as long as they are not exposed to sunlight, heat, or humidity, or be kept in the refrigerator for two weeks. Please be advised however that the refrigerator can cause condensation on the chocolate and can affect the moisture and appearance of the cake balls.

Our cake balls freeze very well if packaged correctly. To freeze our cake balls, wrap them up tightly in several layers (3-4 layers) of plastic saran wrap, and them place inside a freezer bag. To thaw, remove the entire freezer bag from the freezer (without unwrapping anything) the night before you need them and place directly in the refrigerator. The following morning, remove the freezer bag from the refrigerator and put on the kitchen counter to come to room temperature. Once they have come to room temperature (a few hours), then you can remove them from the freezer bag and unwrap all of the plastic saran wrap. At that point, they will be ready to eat.

There are a few things to consider when determining how many to order per guest.

  • Will cake balls be the only dessert or will there be other dessert as well?
    • People usually order between 2-4 per guest if cake balls are the only dessert, with 3 per guest being the number people usually order. If there will be other desserts (including wedding cake if it is a wedding), then people tend to order 1-2 per guest, with 2 per guest being the number people usually order.


  • How will the cake balls be displayed?
    • You want to consider how the cake balls will be displayed at the event. If your event is a wedding, consider how formal versus informal the display will be. A more formal display will send the message to your guests that the cake balls are an after-dinner dessert, which results in guests eating the cake balls in a shorter time period (after dinner until the end of the evening), and this helps the cake balls last longer. A less formal display might result in guests eating the cake balls during cocktail hour (if in the same room), which means that the cake balls could be gone shortly after dinner and hours before the wedding ends (this has happened before!). Some couples have put out signs asking guests to refrain from eating the cake balls until after dinner, while other couples don’t mind if their guests eat them earlier. However, keep in mind that if guests are eating them earlier, you may want to have more cake balls to last longer throughout the night. Other options, such as cake balls as centerpieces or being individually plated for each guest can help reduce the quantity needed.


  • What is the type of event, and who are the guests?
    • The quantity for a wedding (and per guest) tends to be higher than the quantity (and per guest) than a baby shower or other similar event. This is because at a wedding, guests are dancing, eating more food, and drinking more alcohol, whereas at a baby shower or similar events, these are daytime events with lighter food, less activity, and perhaps quieter guests! Consider the difference between a group of women at a shower and a group of men at a wedding or bachelor party – these two groups will likely consume a different amount! So you want to take into consideration the type of event, as well as your guests.

Our wedding orders are usually between 300 and 600 cake balls. The largest wedding order we’ve had was 975 cake balls (325 guests). We’ve also done wedding orders for groups as small as 60-75 guests, which could be between 120-150 cake balls. No order is too small or too big!

Yes, absolutely! When I’m not busy with weddings, I’m busy creating custom designs for people! If you have an idea in mind, let me know! We can work together to find some ideas that fit both your theme and your budget! Check out the Services page to learn more!

Yes, custom cake balls can sometimes get expensive, especially when you are looking at ordering a large quantity! My suggestion is to consider ordering some custom designed cake balls/pops, but then also some regular balls/pops to fill in the rest of the order. The entire order doesn’t have to be custom designed! For example, I had a customer request Olaf/Frozen themed cake balls. After discussing the cost of Olaf cake balls, in order to fit the customer’s budget, we created an order that would include 15 Olaf cake balls and 24 regular cake balls. The 24 regular cake balls were colored white and light blue with sanding sugar to fit the winter/Frozen theme, but they didn’t cost anything extra. The customer only had to pay an additional cost on the 15 Olaf cake balls, which saved her some money.  So she was able to order cake balls to fit her theme and make several children happy, but also be budget conscious at the same time!

Yes! In fact, I make my own glitter out of gelatin and AmeriColor pearl sheen food coloring (made in the USA and FDA approved). I do not use any glitter product that is simply “non-toxic.” There are many products available to bakers that are non-toxic (but not edible!) that are supposed to be used on decorative items only that should be removed before eating. This is common on large cakes. However, in recent years, especially with hobby bakers, these non-toxic decorations, such as Disco Dust, have become popular on cake balls/cake pops, with many customers not realizing that this glitter is in fact not edible. For more information and a better explanation, please see the following links:

Erica O’Brien Cake Design Edible vs. Non Toxic: The Great Glitter Debate

U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Non Edible Food

We are not a nut-free/allergen-free kitchen. Even if nuts or other allergens are not on the list of ingredients, there could still be a trace of nuts, nut oils, or other allergens in the product, as the products may come into contact with these allergens. Unfortunately if you have any food allergies, we do not recommend eating our cake balls.

Yes we do! Cake balls are always a hit at corporate and business events. Not only are they a delicious bite-size dessert, but because we make custom cake balls, they can be another way to market the business! Just some of the businesses that we have worked with include Odyssey Printwear, S.A. Comunale, Marigold Catering, Child Guidance and Family Solutions, and Nannimals-Animal Nannies.


  • Couples usually contact me anywhere between 6 months and a year (or even more) for weddings and will sign their contract with me that early in advance. However, some couples have contacted me just a month or two before their date and I was able to accommodate them. So as soon as you know that you are interested in my services, please contact me! And once we meet and you have your tasting, if you know that you definitely want to have cake balls at your wedding, please get your contract back to me right away! Because I do not have any employees, I am limited to how many weddings I am able to do. Beginning in 2018, I will only be booking one wedding per date, and only two weddings per weekend.

Other Events:

  • Some people contact me months in advance for smaller events as well, such as birthday parties, showers, and holiday events, which is wonderful! This helps me plan better, especially during wedding season! Some people also contact me just a couple weeks before the event, and that’s normally fine too! However, please keep in mind that during wedding season, I can’t always accommodate all orders that are being placed just a few weeks in advance. This is because in addition to wedding orders, I may already have other event orders booked earlier in advance for the same date. For example, I may already have two wedding orders, plus a few smaller event orders already booked for a weekend three weeks from now. And if a customer calls asking to place an order for a few dozen cake balls for the same weekend, I may have to let that person know that I’m already booked because I’m unable to accommodate any additional orders for that weekend. And this isn’t always the case! It’s just during some of my busiest weekends during wedding season! But it’s always best to give plenty of notice just to be sure! I ask for at least two week’s notice for orders, but can usually accommodate smaller orders under 50 in a week.

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