Standard Designs

Standard designs on the cake balls are included in the price. Standard designs include the line drizzle design and some other simple drizzle designs. Sprinkles, sanding sugar, and other decorative sugars do not cost anything extra either.

Custom Designs

Non-standard designs are any special shape (anything other than a round ball) and anything that requires extra details, such as characters, sports balls, holiday designs, etc. In addition, there are some drizzle designs that do cost extra due to the amount of time that is required. The extra charge depends on the following items: shape change, candy eyes/pieces to add on, number of colors, complexity of design, painting on edible food paint, and the addition of fondant/modeling chocolate. The more intricate the design, the higher the fee will be. Fees can be as low as an extra $0.15 per ball and as high as over an extra $1.00 or more per ball.

If you see something that you like, ask Christina if it is a standard design or if it costs more! Or if you have a specific theme in mind for your party or event, or want something more detailed, let us know!

Christina has created over 155 different designs (and counting!), which includes various drizzle techniques, animals, TV show characters, sports balls, holiday designs, and so much more! Some customers come to Christina with a specific character or animal in mind, whereas other customers have a theme and let Christina take the lead with ideas.

Christina is also able to create cake ball cakes, which looks like a traditional tiered wedding cake, but is made up of only cake balls! See more information here!

Below are just some of the specialty cake balls that Christina has created. See many more pictures on the Portfolio page and on our Facebook page!