Cake balls and cake pops make great favors for showers and weddings! They can be packaged in cellophane bags by Christina for a fee. Or Christina can provide the cake balls to the customer and then the customer can package the cake balls themselves (with their own packaging – gift boxes, bags, etc.) to avoid the extra fee.

Pricing if Christina wraps the cake balls/pops:

Christina can wrap the cake balls/pops in cellophane bags with a bow (color ribbon of your choice).

  • 1 or 2 cake balls/pops can fit in a bag (the number doesn’t affect price because the price is per bag)
  • Bag sealed with a bow: $0.25 per bag
  • Bag sealed with a bow and favor tag added: $0.35 per bag*
    *We do not offer favor tags; this would be supplied by the customer